Little Duke's Neighbourhood

The Little Duke Hotel is located at the opposite of the Central Train Station of 's-Hertogenbosch. If you walk from the Little Duke Hotel into the city Centre you will walk straight into the ‘Uilenburg’. This is one of our two bustling areas in the city. Here you can go to almost 20 different restaurants of good quality and you can have a drink at our favorite cafés. At only a two minutes walking distance from the hotel you'll be at the first beautiful shops. There are also many options for various cultural activities. Good to know, in 's-Hertogenbosch, the shops are open 7 days a week!




Favorite restaurants and cafes in the neighbourhood:

  • Bar 35: Located right at the Uilenburg is this the place for Burgers and Beer Specials. Don´t forget to try the new lunch menu with 'Pantosti's. You will find many Bosch-Locals around here. By showing your Little Duke Hotel Pass you will receive a free "Blue Beer" with your lunch or dinner. At Bar 35 you can also stay for a drink after your dinner.
  • Reinders: Is here in Den Bosch now for 20 years! This cozy bar, known from Dutch TV as ´Café de Kroeg', now also offers a small dinner menu. It´s a great place to start for a night out. Reinders is located at the Postelstraat, at the corner of the Uilenburg.
  • DIT: A creative place for everyone! DIT is known for their hilarious menu, unfortunately it´s in Dutch so you’re going to need Google Translate. Luckily for you they have many more creative aspects that make this restaurant certainly one of the most inspiring places of the city. If the weather is nice you can sit outside at DIT for a delicious lunch or dinner at the terrace but also just to linger over a glass of wine. The same owner recently opened his new restaurant DingDong just at the other site of the street. This is also a creative place but then with Asian dishes to share. Both are located at the Snellestraat between the best small boutiques of Den Bosch.
  • For a little bit more luxury and more extensive dinner you can reserve a spot at Sitio, they are situated in the Uilenburg. Good food and comfortable chairs!
  • Nom Nom: In Holland we say this when we really like our food! A weekly changing menu, conceived with nice dishes by the owner and Chef Jan. Very nice for both lunch and dinner. In the summer you cannot miss the lovely terrace of Nom Nom as you wander through the city. Nom Nom is at the angle between Reinders and Eetbar DIT.

At only 8 minutes walking distance of Little Duke Hotel you find the other great food and drink spot of 's-Hertogenbosch, the ‘Korte Putstraat’. At the ‘Korte Putstraat’ you can dine and wine untill late into the night. Have some drinks on the terrace which is heated through the whole year. The ‘Korte Putstraat’ is unique in the Netherlands! Recommendations for dinner: Lux, Allerlei, Zoetelief and Breton. For a drink in this street you can go to 't Pantoffeltje and to Café Bannier.

Culture and film in the neighbourhood:

  • Plan a walk through Den Bosch or a boat ride through the ‘Binnendieze’. This way you can see the city in a way you otherwise would miss out. More information about the boat trips and city tours can be found here:
  • The ‘Noord Brabants Museum’ is surely the cultural jewel of our city. Because of the many and most various exhibitions there is something interesting to see for everyone. To see the current exhibitions take look at:
  • In addition to the large cinema VUE in the center there is also a wonderful, some more cultural place to start a night out. The ‘Verkadefabriek’ is within walking distance of the hotel. You can eat and drink, and thereby see a good movie. Check out the current film and theater offerings at:
  • You cannot miss our famous ‘Sint-Jan’ Cathedral during a visit to Den Bosch. The cathedral is open daily to visitors. More information can be found at:


  • Snellestraat and Postelstraat: Two blocks side by side full of beautiful, small and creative boutiques such as My Jewellery. As a Little Duke Hotel guest you get a 10% discount over the entire collection and a free tote bag with purchases over 50 euros!
  • Verwersstraat: A beautiful street with luxury boutiques, antique dealers, interior shops and luxury fashion. Take a look at ‘Robbies’ for fun gifts or a cup of tea during your shopping, at ‘Westside’ for designer items and ‘Lott’ for fine jewellery.
  • Vughterstraat: A long road that leads to the next city ‘Vught’, therefor his name. With a number of large commercial stores like Zara, but also full of small delicacy stores and boutiques such as Daily Poetry. At Daily Poetry you will get a Tony Chocolonely Bar at all purchases above 25 euros by showing your Little Duke Hotel Card.
  • Market square: Between the Market square and ‘Sint-Jans’ Cathedral contains a number of small streets and alleys filled with fun small boutiques like candy shops. Cafes and restaurants, clothing boutiques and more.
  • Kerkstraat: The street where our Duke Boutique Hotel is located and the road that connects the ‘Sint-Jans’ Cathedral with the market square. At the ‘Kerkstraat’ you will find the luxurious shops selling designer labels such as Riverwoods, MarcCain and Vanilia.


Parking is at a charge in the nearest parking garage 'Stationsplein’ next to the Central Station at only a 1-minute walk from the Little Duke. The costs are 20 euros per 24 hours. The garage is open untill 2 AM and you can drive out 24 hours a day.


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